Exclusive Tea Blends

Every Cup of Tea has its origins, reasons and connections.

Nigiro Tea wishes to create tea connection with establishments through its cuisine, architecture, personality, characters, history, trend and most importantly people.

Thank you to all our current Tea Friends who have given us the opportunities in creating tea blends for beautiful tea connection between tea, people and place. Thank you!

  • Cape Grace Flavoured Rooibos
    An exclusive blend for the Cape Grace, Cape Town… resonating spices, herbs, fruit and rooibos meet to form a blend of elegance, humbleness and utter beauty.
  • Cause & Effect Flavoured Honeybush
    The process of cause and effect is the transformation of our lives. This exclusive blend connects us with the touch of copper, the power of honeybush, the tenderness of Chrysanthemum, hint of marula and the colour of gold and the warmth of South Africa. Let us never forget the importance of transformation in tea.
  • La Colombe Flavoured Green Tea
    Curated for the cocktail making and tea-food pairing at its best, the perfect combination of apple, chamomile, lemongrass, pineapple, passion fruit and creamy coconut give us the best performance that is exciting, playful and refreshing.
  • La Residence Fruit Infusions
    This iconic property in Franschhoek marks the great possibility of unification of tradition, antiquity, agriculture and service excellence. A wondrous blend of citrus fruits, hibiscus, rosehip, apple and kumquat… most unique!
  • Majeka House Flavoured rooibos Tea
    Flavoured rooibos infused with herbs such as: liquorice root, anise seed, fennel seed, elderberries, rosehip peel and a touch of hibiscus, lavender, sunflower, rose, calendula flowers. A flawless blend to enhance your imagination.
  • Mama Winnie Mandela Flavoured Black Tea
    A taste of the life of Mama Winnie Mandela linking her personality and her work. Through the engagement with the family of Mama Winnie, this powerful cup of tea was born. We continue to experience the memory of Mama Winnie in a simple cup.
  • Mount Nelson Hotel Flavoured Black Tea
    A full-bodied, lingering and rosy black tea blend made up of the best black teas from
    six major tea growing regions from around the world. Exclusively blended for
    The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town.
  • Nobu Flavoured Green Tea
    A subtle connection of the best worlds of teas, a harmonious blend of Japanese green tea and South Africa rooibos is tailor-made for its establishment in Africa, showing us the celebration of organic-ness and the pure elegance of tea…
  • One & Only Cape Town Flavoured Rooibos
    Rooibos flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, orange and hibiscus. The colour relates to the sun rising on the horizon of Africa…the perfect image inspired by the Safaris in the Kruger.
  • Teint de Pêche of Swan Cafe Flavoured Green Tea
    The name is translated as “Peach Complexion”, which was created through the combination of the creaminess of green Sencha tea and notes of strawberry, peach and cherry at a very interesting ratio to produce fruity, round, full-bodied flavours and energy exclusive to Swan Café.
  • The Silo Hotel Flavoured Rooibos
    The Silo Exclusive, a transformational icon of Cape Town calls out to us to taste the flavours and colours of rooibos, flowers and herbs which resound in elevation. A mix of African elements and vibrant ancient flavours with surprising modern twists.
  • Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa Flavoured Black Tea
    This black tea blend is a combination of black teas from African and Asian origins together with Rooibos. Resonating herbs and fruits blend in with the magnificent landscape surrounding the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa giving us the perfect blend uniting the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Table Mountain of Cape Town.
  • Vadas at Spier Flavoured Rooibos
    Resonating with the history of paint business, this exclusive tea marks the icon for the family. Full of colourful flowers, sweetness from the caramel and marula and perfected with Rooibos we present to you a colourful tea for your colourful life.
  • Westin Hotel White Flavoured White Tea
    An exclusive white tea blend introducing to us the unique African white tea. Beautiful floral notes of lavender, roses and chamomile can be found hidden underneath the dessert-like peach and citrus lemongrass topping… enjoyable, playful and filled with life!

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