What is Boba Tea (Bubble Tea)? What teas are suitable for making Boba (Bubble) Tea?

Boba Tea (Bubble Tea), is a delicacy made popular in Taiwan, made from tapioca flour, rolled into small balls 5mm to 10mm in diameter, cooked once or twice (rinsing in between), to produce semi-translucent texture. Because the balls look like bubbles, since called Bubble Tea.

At times, dark brown to rainbow in colours. Similar to sago in South Africa, where sago desserts are white in colour. Boba Tea is normally made with milk and sugar. Depending on where you are in the world, milk and sugar content changes. Boba tea are can be everywhere in Asia like Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan and India. But its popularity is connected to countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Americas.

This tea drinking trend has also made its way to South Africa. It has acquired taste, some tea lovers prefers to drink tea, and not drink and chew tea.

Any teas are suitable to Boba and Bubble Tea Making really!

Ranging from black teas from India, China or Kenya and Sri Lanka, to Oolong with Jasmine, to caffeine-free Honeybush and Rooibos. Spicy Rooibos is a superb blend for Boba and Bubble Tea.

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