Tea Food

Browse our selection of delicious, freshly prepared meals that are designed to perfectly complement our teas. All our meals are vegetarian, and we also offer vegan and gluten free options.

Tea-Inspired Food Menu

Omelette GF

Filled with mushroom, spinach, white cheddar, and tomato


TRY Lady Grey Black Tea

Poached Eggs

Prepared in Honeybush, served on sourdough toast with hummus, grilled tomatoes, mushroom, and greens


TRY African Carnival Honeybush Rooibos

Traditional Dan Bing

Taiwanese egg crepe, packed with exotic mushrooms and pickled salad


TRY Green Mate

Country Style Plant-Based Breakfast V (GF)

Balanced with scrambled tofu, crispy tempeh, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, grilled tomatoes, kimchi, hummus, and sourdough toast
For gluten free, ask for gluten free toast.


TRY Snow Black

Granola Fresh Fruit Salad GF (V)

Sparkled with roasted pumpkin seed and cashew nut with Cape raw honey yoghurt, with spearmint
For vegan, ask for no yoghurt.


TRY Herbal Highmoon

Open Croissant Salad Sandwich

With scrambled egg


TRY Rose Congou Black Tea

Red Soya Burger V

Resonated with tofu mayo, salad leaves, sliced tomato, and sweet potato chips


TRY Ginger Honeybush

Japanese Tofu & Aubergine Teriyaki V GF

With sushi rice


TRY Moringa Matcha Green Tea

Honeybush Tofu Coconut Curry V GF

With basmati rice and papadam


TRY Exclusive Mama Winnie Mandela Black Tea Blend

Spicy Soya Bolognaise on Egg Noodles (GF)

With sesame oil
For gluten free, ask for konjac noodles +R25


TRY Spearmint Buchu

Wonton in Creamy Rooibos Mushroom V

With spinach and tomatoes


TRY Darjeeling 2nd Flush Black Tea

Quinoa Salad with Crispy Aubergine V GF

With red peppers, tomatoes, spicy tempeh, pickled cucumbers, and greens, drizzled with Rose wasabi dressing


TRY Spring Rain Black Tea

Bibimbap Korean Style Bowl GF (V)

Tofu, vegetables, kimchi, seaweed, cloud ear mushrooms, and sunny egg arranged atop sushi rice
For vegan, ask for no egg


TRY Spearmint Moringa Lemongrass Buchu

Creamy Mushroom Paprika V

Complimented with Moringa sushi rice


TRY Zesty Chai Honeybush Rooibos

Crispy Polenta Strips with Seared Tofu V GF

In teriyaki sauce and paired with seasonal stir-fried vegetables


TRY Christmas in Cape Town

Spicy Soya Fritters

Cushioned on green tea sweet potato mash with creamy mushroom sauce


TRY Jasmine Bai Hao Scented Oolong

Taiwanese Style Ramen Noodle Soup V

With seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu cubes


TRY Osmanthus Oolong

Chamomile Vermicelli & Dou Gan Rice Paper Rolls V GF

Dancing with salad and mustard wasabi vegan mayo


TRY Earl Grey Rooibos

Kimchi Stir-Fried Rice with Sunny Egg GF (V)

With vegetables
For vegan, ask for tofu instead of egg


TRY Blood Orange Honeybush

Seaweed Sticky Rice V GF

Served with stir-fried seasonal vegetables and home-made tomato sauce


TRY Flower Gate Show Tea

Green Tea Har Gau Potstickers V

Served with stir-fried seasonal vegetables


TRY Blue Horizon Green Tea

Pan-Fried Honeybush Dumpling Bao V

Staged with vegetables and sauces


TRY Exclusive Nobu Green Tea

Dim Sum Experience

Mini Dim Sum Combo V

Honeybush pan-fried Bao and Green Tea Har Gau Potstickers


Gluten Free Dim Sum Ensemble V GF

Crystal Pyramid, Daikon Dumpling, Pak Choi Dumpling, Seaweed Rice Stick & Sesame Ball


Traditional Taiwanese Gua Bao (Steamed Bun Delicacy) V

Filled with soya patty, pickled mustard veg/cucumber/carrot, and balanced with roasted peanut powder


Bouncy Sesame Balls V GF

Three exciting flavours: Peanut Sesame, Red Bean Paste, and Dark Chocolate


Wow Combo V

An experience of all worlds of Dim Sum: BBQ Cha-Shao Bao, Green Tea Har Gau Potstickers, Sticky Shao Mai, gluten-free Dumpling, fried crispy Wonton, and Spring Roll


Full House Experience PLatter V

Make it a memorable event with Veggie Bao, BBQ Cha-Shao Bao, Green Tea Har Gau Potstickers, Crystal Pyramid, Daikon and Pak Choi Dumplings, Shao Mai, Spring Roll, Seaweed Sticky Rice, Wonton, and Sesame Ball