Osmanthus (100g)


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Oolong has a wide range of fermentation, between 25% and 70%. This Oolong manifests a fermentation of around 40%. This Taiwanese Oolong is based on the traditional speciality of the province of Guangxi in the south of China. Small-leafed Oolong tea leaves are mixed with fresh Osmanthus blossoms from Northern Taiwan’s perfect climate and landscape. Harvested early in the morning, between 4 and 7am, to reflect the best aromatic qualities for the scenting process before drying together with Oolong.

Well-known for its relaxation and digestive properties, this yellow infusion has a mild, fruity flavour reminiscent of caramel. Osmanthus blossoms are among the three most celebrated blossoms in the East, alongside Jasmine and Chrysanthemum flowers.

Due to the semi-fermented category of this delicate oolong, it can last as much as 5 consecutive infusions, with the first few infusions representing grassy green tea followed by the last few infusions representing woody black tea…

All while embraced in elegant blooming fragrance.

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